About HubsMaster

HubsMaster was established on Feb. 2013, we devote ourselves to the worldwide hubs OEM/ODM professional manufacturer, which is also a new and important landmark to parent company Sotac (Soaring Technology) for strategy development and investment on mobility field.


Core competences create synergy value

HubsMaster is composed of two key members. Core competences consist of:


Member I – Professional Hubs Manufacturer

  1. Over 10-year OEM/ODM manufacturer in bike hubs.
  2. Professional in-house design, CNC process and production .
  3. Outstanding state of art and quality.
  4. Experienced working with OEM/ODM hubs companies who sell hubs to well-known branded players in the market.
Member II - Soaring Technology

  1. OEM/ODM manufacturer over 27-year since 1986 .
  2. A listed company in Taiwan since 2003 .
  3. Official Tier 2 supplier in automobile, such as Ford, Nissan and etc..
  4. Quality Assurance – ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14001 verified.
  5. Specialized fields in industrial display, automobile, data storage and embedded system.
We implement above core competences, experiences and quality policies of TQM & TPM into hubs manufacture and quality procedures, to provide premium products.


 Our Mission – LOHAS

Hubsmaster will continue moving toward health, environment and green. LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) is the aim we have been striving toward and lead people into the eco-friendly future.
That’s our perfect brand born – LOHAS.


 Your valuable and reliable partner

HubsMaster will continuously work for innovative design of products for various applications; not only develop new series of hubs, but also integrate motor, electricity in designs , such as dynamo hubs, electronic display, sensor of heartbeat, distance, temperature, height , system platform of navigator and telecommunication and etc..
HubsMaster expects to be your valuable and reliable business partner.

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